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The Art of Puzzles

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My name is Thomas Snyder and I spent my entire childhood growing up in the suburbs of Buffalo, NY, which means I've developed a thick skin after surviving numerous blizzards, multiple Super Bowl defeats, an obvious forward lateral, and a clear crease violation in triple overtime.

I studied Chemistry and Economics at Caltech, receiving my B.S. with honors in 2002. I earned my Ph.D. in Chemistry at Harvard University under Prof. David Liu in 2007 and then did post-doctoral research at Stanford University in bioengineering. I aim in my scientific career to develop new technologies for studying chemistry and biology and hope to contribute to the transformation of medicine from treating disease to preventing its occurrence. I am currently a scientific lead for immunosequencing diagnostics at Adaptive Biotechnologies.

I won the US (2007) and World (2007, 2008, 2011) Sudoku Championships and am an 8-time US Puzzle Champion (2006-10, 2012, 2017, 2019) and 1-time World Puzzle Champion (2018). It is rare to find me too far from a puzzle I am either writing or solving. I strive to make an artistic statement with my puzzles, proving that hand-crafted logic puzzles are better than soulless computer-generated ones. I've written several books of puzzles including Battleship Sudoku, Mutant Sudoku, and Sudoku Masterpieces, all books of sudoku variations (two co-written with Wei-Hwa Huang), TomTom Puzzles, my personal take on calcu-doku puzzles, and The Art of Sudoku, my first self-published book with just classic sudoku puzzles from my company Grandmaster Puzzles (gmpuzzles.com). Additional puzzle projects and books are in the works, and news about them will be in the blog.

In my limited free time, I enjoy long-distance running, hiking, playing poker, and following my favorite sports teams.

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