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15 February 2010 @ 08:52 am
Monday Mutants  
For those not following GLmathgrant's puzzle blog (if not, why not?), today he introduces a new series called "Monday Mutants" with puzzles that are variations on classic types, hybrids of multiple types, or other non-Nikoli puzzles which is a change for him since he has been doing mainly standard Nikoli types for his blog over the years (and has made some really cool puzzles in that time). In some ways, it seems he and I are now changing roles a bit since my old Friday Puzzles used to be mutant creations while this year they have been "standard" types focusing on execution and not new rule development.

I got a sneak peek at some of the things Grant has in store and can say I'm excited to see what he does with the series. This week's Inequality Polyominous (Fillomino) is a really great start and comes highly recommended.