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Friday Puzzle #32 - 2010 Nurikabe

Most of my time this new year has been spent writing competition-level sudoku puzzles since this is what I enjoy and am often asked to do. In addition to this weekend's SudokuCup, I'm currently busy getting puzzles ready for the Czech and Italian Sudoku Championships and for Silicon Valley Puzzle Day. With so much of my puzzling time spent on these tasks, and not a lot of time free to conceive of new "Frankenstein-esque" puzzle combinations (as GLMathGrant calls them), I've simplified my Friday Puzzle writing this year into classic styles and just executing nicely themed puzzles. It forms what I will now call the 2010 Project, where I write a 2010-themed puzzle in as many Nikoli styles as I can without playing with the rules (so no 2010 Wacky Heyawake, for example).

One of my big goals/resolutions for this year, well represented by the entries in the 2010 project, is to find some venue (or more likely create my own) to start publishing these types of elegant puzzles more routinely in the US. I'm tried of the label "Japanese Puzzle" being thrown around with inferior, computer-generated puzzles when these types are not constructed with an artful touch by hand as they are meant to be. From Sudoku on up the logic ladder, I'm going to create a forum for the puzzles I would want to be solving.

This week's entry to the 2010 Project is a 20x20 Nurikabe. It uses some less common steps (but then what regular Nurikabe puzzles have so many double-digit islands?). It might qualify more as a Botsu Bako puzzle for that reason alone. Still, enjoy!

Rules: See here.

(Choose view image to get a larger form)

Tags: 2010project, nikoli, nurikabe

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