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26 October 2009 @ 11:59 am
Some Picture Evidence for the Sudobomber  
I'll place "evidence" here as solvers or others send it to me of the likelihood something fishy was happening with Eugene Varshavsky at Saturday's tournament. These are screen captures from the Inquirer's own edited video. The first is the grid, as it was during the awards ceremony which was certainly after he stopped, and at increased contrast difference. It has 2 observable placements in it, both in row 5, and a suggestion that the 9 in R1C3 may be there too (eta: confirmed from other images now). It is however not the most focused image and does not tell how this grid got to this state, if erasing happened, etc. Still, having this for 8 minutes of work on the puzzle after demolishing 3 hard ones in 12-13 minutes to qualify is simply not possible.

The second is the only picture of the Sudobomber minus the hood from the video as well; I ask that anyone who knows members within the chess community who may have been at the World Open in Philadelphia three years ago to see if he is recognizable, with a large bucket hat over his head and ears or not.

Shandrewshandrew on November 6th, 2009 01:56 am (UTC)
Re: Sudobomber
The little radio devices of course do have legitimate uses for people with hearing impairments. The big difference between sudoku and chess/bridge/trivia/poker is that sudoku is easily and quickly solvable by computer, and the density of information is low. By "density of information" i mean that the puzzle contents and solutions can be transmitted rather easily. Chess is similar in information density, but computer chess players are not overwhelmingly superior to humans.

It's a shame people are dishonest this way, but I would expect that incidents like this will become more commonplace as miniaturization continues. Sometime in our lifetime people will implant radios in their heads and cameras in their eyes (and sudoku solvers in their brains!).