motris (motris) wrote,

Friday Puzzle #20 - Lost in Translation?

With a "rest day" in the Stefan Heine USSC puzzles today, and with so much to do before I leave tomorrow for Philadelphia, these Friday puzzles are arriving a bit early. They are more Extra Space Sudoku, as can be found in Mutant Sudoku. These puzzles were originally written for Sudoku Masterpieces but were cut as we had too many good puzzles to include them all. They always existed as a pair in my mind - an exploration of how to translate a logic puzzle theme between languages. They are about the same difficulty.

Instructions: In the puzzles below, fill in the white cells so that 1-9 appears exactly once in each row, column, and bold region. The colored cells will not contain numbers.

Tags: fridaypuzzle, mutant sudoku, sudoku
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