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Extra Space Sudoku

As I'm now in a much more relaxed month than May, and I miss sharing puzzles here on my blog, I've decided to begin a new series where every Friday(ish) I will post a puzzle here to solve.

Many of the types will likely be sudoku similar to those in my books, including Mutant Sudoku and Sudoku Masterpieces where my co-author onigame has already shared some of his "extras" online in what he's started to call the "too hard to be published" series, maybe because I often give that advice when editing his designs.

Other types I write may be common puzzles or just a new random variation I want to experiment with. Regardless of the type, while the daily regimen in the KenKen project was unsustainable given my day job, providing one puzzle a week will not be, so I should be able to sustain this for awhile.

Today's puzzle is from a type I conceived of 2+ years ago alongside my first version of Paint-By-Number Place. Basically, I dislike 16x16 sudoku and strongly dislike 25x25 sudoku (why Nikoli why) but the larger grids can have some interesting properties. What if you only needed to enter 1-9 on those larger grids? The result is Extra Space Sudoku.

Instructions: In the puzzle below, fill in the white cells so that 1-9 appears exactly once in each row, column, and bold region. The colored cells will not contain numbers. Look for more Extra Space puzzles in Mutant Sudoku, coming out in less than three months.

Tags: fridaypuzzle, mutant sudoku, sudoku

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