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29 March 2009 @ 09:58 pm
The Art of Puzzles  
I'm now onto my third blog-title after a little over three years of doing this. I began blogging, under the name "Born to Runner-Up", right after the first World Sudoku Championship. After becoming World Champion in Prague a year later, I was "Almost Famous" for the next two years. While a brief foray at outdoing the NYT KenKen led me to change my blog's appearance not once but twice, I am now going to be blogging under the title "The Art of Puzzles".

As I mainly blog about how I solve puzzles and (more importantly) how I write interesting themed puzzles, I thought I might as well just title my blog along the lines of my main philosophy. Here, you will see that puzzles can be not only fun but also artistic, and that human-construction is a must to create interesting themes and challenges, even in logic puzzles.

I've done a lot, if you actually visit motris.livejournal.com, to organize some relevant links. I made a page for my KenKen project to go along with the existing Youtube Sudoku series project. I made a new page with links to all my World Championship Reports for those that are curious and maybe missed the early years. I also brought my "Puzzles I've Written" page up-to-date.

None of this should be huge news, so I thought I'd make this entry a bit more relevant by announcing some real news with the relaunch of the blog. Recently, an absolutely phenomenal book of word puzzles, Puzzle Masterpieces by Patrick Berry, was released by Sterling. It includes many examples of my most favorite word puzzle variant, "Some Assembly Required", and many many other gems. Sterling has asked onigame and me to work on a "Sudoku Masterpieces" companion that will similarly be filled with artistic and challenging puzzles. Meeting the standard Patrick has already set with unique grid shapes and other twists will be difficult, but if any team is up to doing it, it would be the last two US Sudoku champions. This is the project which is going to be keeping me from Outdoing the NYT KenKen for the next several months. You'll still see Mutant Sudoku on the shelves first in September, and that book is a masterpiece in its own right, but you can now look forward to another book of truly special sudoku soon thereafter. After all these years, my United States Jigsaw Sudoku has finally found its rightful home.
(Anonymous) on March 31st, 2009 07:37 am (UTC)
Hello Thomas,
I'm a reporter with a swedish newspaiper and i am looking for your email - can't find it!
I would like to talk to you about sudokus. Yes, they're huge in sweden too.
Email me at ylva.karlsson@aftonbladet.se
All the best
/Ylva Karlsson