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Total Masyu

So, in a pre-preview of the USPC, which I expect will have a Masyu on it again this year, I thought I'd post a Masyu variant I was experimenting with over the weekend. The concept was suggested to me by rpipuzzleguy actually, and is a really good idea (although I still have my own Masyu variant ideas on the backburner for when/if I start to work on a logic puzzle site with onigame).

Basically, the concept is this: What if a Masyu puzzle had all its possible white circles/black circles revealed? Could you write a puzzle where the "absence" of circles now meant something?

The result, at first called Tyler/Thomasyu to credit both the idea's source and these puzzles' author, has been more appropriately named "Total Masyu" which can be used by the puzzle community in a better way.

In the Total Masyu puzzles below, draw a single-closed loop in each grid. The loop must pass through each cell containing a white circle and must pass through each white circle in a straight line, with an immediate 90 degree turn one square away from the white circle on at least one of the two sides of the circle; the loop must pass through each black circle and must make a 90 degree turn when passing through a black circle, extending at least two cells beyond the black circle before turning again. Also, all cells that obey either the white/black circle rules have been marked, so any empty cell cannot mark a 90 degree turn that extends two cells in both directions before turning again (black) or a straight segment that turns in one of the adjoining cells (white).

The result is an interesting new type with some fairly different chase-the-loop around logic than a regular Masyu, with white and blank squares taking over the power from black squares. I have an easy and two medium-hard samples for you to try below. One has the obvious "no black circle" theme that is possible with a Total Masyu puzzle, but both it and the other large ones have some new logic for you elite solvers to discover.

1: Welcome to Paradise (Easy)

2: White Flag (Hard)

3: Who's Crying Now (Hard)

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