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26 April 2008 @ 07:35 pm
The week after...  
So I always have a busy week after returning from a world puzzle/sudoku championship - catching up on work, mail (snail and electronic), DVRed shows, .... After sudoku events, there is often a bunch of interviews. This year, I chose to give a sudoku lecture to the BioEngineering students - an even more fleshed out form of my "Art of Sudoku" talk from Silicon Valley Puzzle Day - and I think that went really well. A local ABC news crew was filming a story about me that morning and filmed a bit of the talk too.

While I'm still in a sudoku free-zone (unless its needed on camera, I guess, for a story), I participated in a great puzzle hunt in San Francisco today put on by Coed Astronomy. My team - "Blind and Draggin'" was a grouping of the Grahams from the five blind boys and two of here be dragons with Dr. Sudoku being the glue. The puzzles were great and uniformly elegant, there was a really solid meta, and I am quickly learning how much I prefer the Bay area scene to events held elsewhere. You see all the puzzles, you are always solving as a team, you can oftentimes sense if you are behind/ahead, .... Our team did finish first, even using the "crazy" level of clues, but the event was run over two weekends and not truly a competition so the result doesn't matter. I'll write up a full report on the hunt sometime in the future highlighting basically all the puzzles as they were all really nice.
motrismotris on April 27th, 2008 03:17 pm (UTC)
i'll be doing shinteki on the second weekend.