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Art of Sudoku, Competition Edition

I wrote an earlier article on The Art of Sudoku and this combined a lot of the puzzles (including variants) that I'd written at that time that I really liked. Well, this past weekend, I provided the puzzles (and also gave a puzzle solving and puzzle constructing lecture!) at the 2nd Silicon Valley Puzzle Day. I wrote seven puzzles with graphical themes for the event and they are all included below the fold. The first three, my main theme expression over three separate puzzles, were for the adults. The fourth is the championship puzzle solved on stage. Then, some easier puzzles follow which are from the youth division. I think I hit the sweet spot of difficulty pretty well for the adults, so the first solvers would be at about 7 minutes in each 20 minute round, but most people would only solve or be close to solving by the time ran out. My only consideration for next year (if I can provide puzzles again) is if I should have a more staggered set of difficulties - which might call for a similar staggering of round times. Any comments from competitors who happen on this site are definitely welcome.

Adult Puzzles:

Adult Final (on placard):

Youth Puzzles:

Tags: competition, sudoku
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