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20 October 2006 @ 10:55 pm
Well, the Sabres just won another game (beating the Hurricanes again) which is good enough for a 7-0-0 start. They'll be in town tomorrow playing the Bruins but I'm not sure I'll be going - at least the game will be on NESN. My parents are still without power at home in Amherst nine days after the freak snowstorm but have been managing alright given the circumstances.

I finished Penpa Mix 2 which I started on the plane ride over to Bulgaria and am fast approaching a time when I may not have any Nikoli puzzles left to do. Sure, I still have about 5-6 books on hand, but I'm staring at a shelf with over 20 pencilbooks, 3 nikoli magazines, 2 giants collections [minus 25x25 sudoku], both penpa mixes, and a puzzle box all complete in just about a year. Given those titles as well as the other puzzle books (including crosswords) and qualifying tests I did this past year, I can calculate a back of the envelope number for how many puzzles I've solved in twelve months and taking that number down how many I solve in an average day doesn't make it any less fear-inducing. I'm often asked what us puzzlers would be able to do if we applied the time we used solving arbitrary challenges to tackle real-world problems. Its a great question. Anyway, seeing a fast-approaching bottom to my unsolved Nikoli pile is a relief as I have a bunch of puzzle-writing obligations to tackle both in the short and long-term this coming year.