January 29th, 2013

art of sudoku

Trapped in The Maze of Games! Help!!!

Yesterday marked the start of an exciting Kickstarter campaign from my friend and PuzzleCraft co-author Mike Selinker.

The campaign is for The Maze of Games, a quite unusual book that is kind of like a choose your own adventure and kind of like The Fool's Errand all under one cover. I've gotten a sneak peek of the current draft and it looks to be a really incredible experience for all puzzle lovers. A truly one-of-a-kind book.

And the early Kickstarter returns have been astonishing. None of us had 4 hour and 48 minutes in the pool for how long the project would take to get funded. This doesn't mean you've missed your chance to get the book. But it does mean you now have a new responsibility to help out with The Conundrucopia, a companion project set-up for the book.

You see, sometime last month I was signing a bunch of contracts and must have missed a special provision from Mike that I be "locked in a cage" until the internet had contributed enough money to free me. But this is indeed the case. And he got a lot of other puzzlemakers too. We've each agreed to contribute a unique puzzle for The Conundrucopia, but only if enough money is raised will each puzzlemaker -- and their puzzle -- see the light of day.

I'd certainly like my puzzle to be released. In the words of Mike: "You hear that Internet? Thomas would like to get out of the cage". Reserve your copy of the Maze of Games, and support The Conundrucopia at the same time! I, and my fellow puzzlemakers, would really appreciate it!