January 12th, 2013

art of sudoku

Competing/Polish Radio Puzzles

A few people have asked if I've stopped competing at puzzles. To minimize stress in my life, the answer for the short term is yes. I'm pouring all my free time into Grandmaster Puzzles and training to run another marathon and those two goals are big enough to fill all my time. So if you are waiting for my next LMI score, you'll have a bit of time to wait. I am constructing for the USSC and USPC this year. This also means I will not be actively competing in this year's Shinteki puzzles. I'll bet on TheDan over Projectyl this year, but the odds are pretty even.

Separately, I wrote a series of very easy puzzles for the Polish Radio station ZET which was promoting puzzles. These works are now live, and since one interesting challenge for much of my audience may be to translate the rules, I'll simply link to the Polish site with no further explanation.