October 16th, 2009

art of sudoku

Friday Puzzle #19 - Wacky Heyawake

I went with the above title instead of my other thought Heyawacky since I prefered the sound of saying wacky with the normal puzzle name as a kind of almost rhyme. Anyway, with minimal time to be tremendously creative this week, I decided to further explore some themes in non-rectangular Heyawake space. The rules are the same as a month ago (note: the "fine point" is very relevant this time).

Rules: This puzzle obeys normal Heyawake rules, but violates a fundamental design principle of those puzzles.

Fine Point: With the new geometries, it might seem possible to "exit" and "reenter" the same room and not violate the "no more than two"-room constraint of consecutive white squares. This is not allowed. I always view the rule as there not being a path of unshaded cells that cross two consecutive black borders and that is still the case here, even if crossing the two borders would take you back to the first room.

art of sudoku

State of the Sudoku - 10/16 Edition

Beginner - 1'5" - 36 givens again. Sigh.

Advanced - 3'16" - After so many puzzles with what I'll just say is a lot of symmetry, this one makes no sense to me. It solves with just pairs and singles really, its solve path hardly stands out, and it has no symmetry to speak of. I thought about Nick adjusting locations of givens to make a non-D4 pattern just to break things up (I do this to resolve puzzles I might remember too much about), but this can't be transformed that way as far as I see. This one just totally sucks. Yeah, I'll say it. Asymmetric "number place" puzzles suck.