motris (motris) wrote,

Friday Puzzle #182 - 24hour Magic Order

That Magic Order was the perfect "variant" Number Placement puzzle for our 24H puzzle competition round was a choice made by Palmer Mebane who organized Team USA's round. And it was a great choice as a puzzle naturally themed around 24 different numbers in a Latin Square grid. Magic Order debuted on the 2012 USPC and got a great preview treatment from Palmer too. This was my first chance to construct a puzzle in this genre, and I've concluded it is more than a one-off type. Maybe a ten-off genre, but some new things are hidden here. (Note: I am posting the original puzzle. For the competition, as our round was testing far too long, an extra clue was added which restored symmetry but compromises the solve somewhat. That 50-point (medium-hard) form is here, if you want it, but the author strongly prefers this version.)

Rules: Enter the digits 1 through 6 once in each row and column so that 24 distinct 6-digit numbers are formed horizontally and vertically—reading forward and backward. Each clue pointing to a number indicates the position of that number when all 24 6-digit numbers are ordered from smallest to largest.

Tags: 24hpc, competition, fridaypuzzle, uspc

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