motris (motris) wrote,

Friday Puzzle #169 - Triple Double Sudoku

Looking over this year's WSC instruction booklet (for kicks, not because I'm competing), it looks like linking grids is trendy. So is using cartoon characters that makes it almost impossible to reprint these puzzles with the original art in the US. I'm reminded of a comment from Vita Koudelka at the WSC about a round being "for the kids". This whole WSC looks to be for the kids.

Anyway, linked grids is a style I've explored a couple times in the past and why I created the Triple Double style in 2009. I hope you enjoy this challenge, pulled from the recent US Sudoku Qualifier.

Place a digit from 1 to 9 into each cell so that no digit repeats in any row, column, or region. Additionally, the three shaded regions in the first grid correspond exactly to the three shaded regions in the second grid, except that which corresponds to which is for you to determine.

Tags: competition, sudoku, wsc
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