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16 October 2011 @ 03:05 pm
Non-Double Decathlon update  
Writing a short post before an oppositely titled post later today. Besides my LMI test, this weekend featured Intercoastal Altercations 5, an online puzzle hunt put on by four talented puzzle designers (Foggy Brume, Mark Halpin, Eric Berlin, Nathan Fung), three of whom I've played with at different times on MIT Mystery Hunt teams and elsewhere. I decided to play this event as a part of a pair because I wanted to see all the puzzles and joining the super-sized Burninators didn't make sense to have the most enjoyment in meeting that goal. While the hunt took a little longer than expected, my twosome the "Perfect Gamers" did finish (after one VERY long sitting). Thanks to Foggy, Mark, Eric, and Nathan for putting together a phenomenal day of puzzles.

On the other end of the puzzle spectrum, I have to say that this last short stretch of Ue-raetsel #2 croco-puzzles, including many I (and others) do not believe have any logical path to solution, has been particularly unenjoyable, moreso than any other consecutive stretch of days I can remember over 300 days of playing. The change to trying to make "harder" second puzzles this month has been a failed experiment in my mind. It has not consistently delivered harder puzzles, but when it does, the "harder" does not mean increased difficulty in a logically interesting way, as I hope my Double Decathlon Hards proved, but "harder" in a "no one can easily solve this logically" way. This is not a knob to play with. Maybe I'm using too small a sample size to make a judgment, but I think having at least one "pre-solver" checking the puzzles, throwing out the extreme cases the generator makes, would fix croco-puzzle tremendously (I've argued exactly for "sudoku editors" for computer generated puzzles before). Until anything obvious changes I can say that I'm done there, as I think melon has recently stopped too. I was going to cut off my online solving shortly anyway as I prepare for the WPC, but after that event I'll be spending more time constructing puzzles, not competing on what somehow feel, even with one solution, to be terribly broken puzzles.