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Friday Puzzle #104 - Nonconsecutive Sudoku

My first experience with impossibly few clue nonconsecutive puzzles was with one of Wei-Hwa Huang's puzzles while putting together Mutant Sudoku. He'd sent a low (7?) clue nonconsecutive where I couldn't place a single digit. It was the first of many such OMG moments I've gotten from some of the stuff onigame has written where I stopped feeling like a world sudoku champion. I did figure out which 6 new symmetric digits would make it ok but challenging so it was still used in our book, but it was just too difficult to be published in its first form.

But while there are many difficult for human comprehension packing constraints within non-consecutive puzzles, these strong constraints offer the possibility, with careful construction/testing, for cool missing digit themes, like using just even numbers as I did in Mutant Sudoku and which I saw again on the excellent May Sudoku test on LMI. I'd found (easily by computer, impossible by actual solving) a one-digit/six clue NC awhile ago. It's not worth playing with but this is certainly the unique solution. My experiment this week was to do something a little more possible - a two-digit NC - that could actually be solved. This one worked out perfectly for my expectations (with at least one nice non-standard elimination on my pathway). The only sacrifice was symmetry to get some of the givens in solver-friendly places. Please enjoy.

Rules: Place a single digit from 1 to 9 into each cell so that no digit repeats in any row, column, or 3x3 region. Consecutive digits (ie 3 and 4) cannot be placed in vertically or horizontally adjacent cells.

Tags: fridaypuzzle, mutant sudoku, sudoku

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