motris (motris) wrote,

BANG (29) - Bust ANother Ghost

Participated with my team yesterday in the Ghost Patrol BANG and had an excellent time. 3 quarters of the usual league were incredibly jet-lagged from the WPC but that didn't seem to slow us down any. We ended up finishing first in the Berkeley area, but it seemed a generally low key affair so I don't know that there will be an actual ranking.

I showed up as myself (Dr. Sudoku) and got credit for a costume. I've never worn my full attire in public before but could probably spruce up an even better sudoku-decorated lab coat before the next adventure. Our best costume award though certainly went to Solverine who was obviously really excited to be solving puzzles as his pencil claws were extended all night.

The puzzles themselves were rather varied in content (from several word puzzles to a logic type we got the AHA to almost immediately), and all were pretty fresh. None relied on encoding schemes which is an achievement I wanted to have for BANG 23 before Mr. Evil went ahead and ruined things. The polish and presentation from the original Ghost Patrol was clearly evident here, with so many delights. It's no wonder the lowkey/desert taxi constructors frequently got oversubscribed for their events. Thanks to all of them for giving us a very memorable Halloween. I don't know of too many events left on the puzzle calendar this year, but this was a treat that will linger until next year's season starts, around DASH 3 or sooner.
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