motris (motris) wrote,

6/2 - Thomas Snyder does the Puzzles

Hashiwokakero - 9x9 Easy by aiko - 0:28
Shikaku - 24x14 Hard by -4 - 2:00
Masyu - 24x14 Hard by Guten - 2:33
Slitherlink - 18x10 Easy by Casty - 1:42

Not a lot to talk about today. My favorite moment was certainly the last connection you need to make in the Masyu (4 ends, 2 white circles sitting vertically between) but that was really the only "moment" today that didn't feel standard. The Hards were both Larger but not Harder puzzles and a bit disappointing. I tried to make the Slitherlink into a one stroke for awhile (which slowed my time) but it's not. The Hashi is, like the small Akaris, a clicking exercise and not a puzzle I would pay for. So there's no best puzzle today.
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