motris (motris) wrote,

WSC 5 Final Puzzles

While the main competition puzzles will not be publicly released (member countries get the right to republish them, and you can expect some kind of book in the US sometime far in the future), the 10 final puzzles in our SUper DOKUthalon playoff are available on the main website. You can read about the finals in these two earlier posts, (1) and (2).

The finals lasted for about one hour and contained 10 puzzles, one for each of the Decathlon-themed rounds that occurred in the main competition.

The 100m Classic Sudoku, 0/9 Sudoku, Consecutive Sudoku, Just One Cell Sudoku, Digital Sudoku, Irregular Sudoku, and 1500m Classic Sudoku were by me.

The Killer Sudoku, 400m Classic Sudoku, and Diagonal Sudoku were by Wei-Hwa.
Tags: competition, sudoku, wsc
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