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The Dan (thedan) wrote on October 25th, 2009 at 05:14 am
Yeah, "Eugene" was kind of bizarre. It would be one thing if he'd looked around in a panic and found no ways in, but he just stood there in a hooded coat and stared. Despite the loss, I think you made it clear (as usual) that your speed-solving is unmatched, modulo occasional human slip-ups.

I was disappointed that Tammy didn't get a warmer reaction from the crowd; a few of us tried to start a standing ovation for the new champion, and no one bit. The sad thing is that, as long as there's no community built around the USSC, no one cares about anybody except the two or three people they've heard of.

As for the $50, I will reserve you the right to retract that offer once you've gotten some sleep, but I will also gladly accept it if you don't change your mind. ;)
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