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A Link To Sudoku's Future

As I count down to Battleship Sudoku's official release on April 1 (even though is already shipping copies and they may already be popping up in stores), this week I am also celebrating the news that my second book idea has been approved and you will likely see at least one more title from Sterling containing my original puzzles in the future.

This week's new design - Linked Shape Sudoku - was an idea that arose while I was first brainstorming puzzles for a book of new sudoku variations. While it was ultimately a concept a bit too challenging to include in that project without further tweaking, it is still a puzzle that readers of this blog will hopefully enjoy. This variant features a concept that arises in Battleship Sudoku where linking sets of numbers (in the context of boats) make digit placements much more interesting than in the classic sudoku form as you must consider multiple columns/rows at a time. Here, that concept is jacked up to ~11 as you have to work through different contingencies of placements between shapes in two sudoku grids. The puzzle is difficult.

Linked Shape Sudoku:

Fill in the digits 1 to 9 a single time in each row, column, and 3x3 box in the two grids below. There are some shaded shapes in the two grids. There are no constraints on what digits can be used in each shape. However, the identity and location of digits in each shape must be the same for both two puzzles, allowing for ROTATION AND/OR REFLECTION of the shapes where possible. For example, if the long 4x1 tetromino is 5678 from left to right in the top grid, it can be 5678 or 8765 from left to right in the bottom grid as a result of rotation. There is one solution to this set of two grids which can be found by logic alone.

Forecast: Scorching Heat
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