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Stanford Puzzles 4 and 5

Two more weeks of puzzles are now up on Youtube. Unfortunately, a camera problem in week 4 prevented the camera shooting my answer paper from being used so that solving video is not useful as you can't see what I'm writing. We'd also discussed using the paper shot more in my discussion videos for the last half of the series and while that could not be done in week 4 for the same technical reason, it will be done for weeks 5 through 8. However, don't ignore the week 4 puzzle as it is the most beautiful of Wei-Hwa's puzzles that we are using in this series, with a nice exploration of a diagonal theme of a blown-up 123456789 standard box. I discuss this explicitly in the explanation video if you don't see what sets this apart from randomly generated puzzles.

I felt I solved Puzzle #5 a little slowly, but it has a narrow solving path and I wasn't seeing the necessary point when I solved it. It is very good practice for "pointing pairs" which make natural sense with my note system anyway.

Puzzle #4 - by Wei-Hwa Huang

Solution of Puzzle #4 - 1 minute, 43 seconds

Puzzle #4 explanation

Puzzle #5 - by Wei-Hwa Huang

Solution of Puzzle #5 - 3 minutes, 10 seconds

Puzzle #5 explanation
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