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If You're Going to San Francisco ...


So its been awhile since I've posted so I figured I'd give a puzzle which I wrote in June. The above puzzle is a new type called a Mastermindoku which combines the classic Mastermind game with Sudoku. Your goal is to form a valid sudoku solution using some subset of the numbers 1 to 9; that subset of numbers will appear a single time in each row, column, and 2x3 box. Two grid guesses are given above, both for the same solution grid, and as in the game Mastermind the value of these guesses is given with white and black circles. Any white circle indicates that there is a correct digit in that row/column but that it is not in the correct position. Any black circle indicates that there is a correct digit in the correct place in that row/column. The answer can be found by logic alone, and this example is meant to be more illustrative of the type than incredibly fiendish so please comment if you are finding it too hard.

In quick Dr. Sudoku life news, I've now moved into a nice 1BR/BA apartment in the College Terrace area of Palo Alto near Stanford. I'm still getting settled and still have much of my stuff in transit from the East Coast. Normal blog posting likely won't return until I've attained all the consumer electronics I mean to purchase for my apartment and have wireless set-up as well, so most likely in October around the WPC (expect a pre- and post-trip report) and then the US Sudoku Championship. Otherwise, loving my time in the Bay Area so far.
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