motris (motris) wrote,

Today's Nikoli Championship Puzzle

So it was a good morning on To be honest, I woke up about a quarter-hour before the contest and was not fully awake when it started. I was sure I'd lost when I got to 6 minutes and began to force things with nishios (particularly after I realized I'd taken minutes to place some fairly easy digits as my solving video clearly shows). But apparently the tough parts were tough enough to slow everyone. I am now the World, and Nikoli, Sudoku Champion. The latter comes with a nice t-shirt. W00t!

As an aside, I just realized that character limits on comments (you get 100 on any Nikoli puzzle) is a challenge for English speakers on a Japanese site. A hundred Japanese characters can form many more words than 100 English characters. I often wonder, when I see a long stretch of japanese from another competitor, if they are waxing far more poetically on a puzzle than I can in my language under the character constraint.
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