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07 April 2007 @ 09:45 am
WSC Aftermath - somewhere between the immediate and long-term in my report...  
A week later, and life goes on, a little more famous in that I get a couple hits in my inbox about every day looking for an interview, but otherwise still the person I was before the championships in Prague. Just like everyone else who gears up for a puzzle competition, it takes a bit of time to adjust back to the real world, and having to talk about the joy of puzzle solving every day makes the transition a bit harder. While I loved my old blog title "Born to Runner-Up", I've tentatively switched to "Almost Famous". I had lots of really bad ideas like 'Latin Square Dancer' or variants off my gmail name 'Dr. Sudoku', but I'll go with the Cameron Crowe film as inspiration for now and maybe add a sub-title if I come up with a good one.

I'm very, very excited about the level of interest the puzzle-community project with Wei-Hwa has taken with some good constructors in line to offer us their support. We almost have to follow through on it now, given the initial enthusiasm. Tablecloth sudoku - a spur of the moment construction in Prague - has gotten some good reviews already but, at least for my own offerings, I can certainly see some more Digital Paint By Numbers, some Paint by Sudoku, some Shaded Sudoku (a geometric variant I described on sudoku.com but never wrote), some Kakuro variants, certainly some "twin" puzzles of standard types with different joint solving constraints which I've wanted to write since Borovets but haven't had time to, etc. I've yet to really make a completely new type of puzzle and maybe I'll try my hand at this next. But the point of the project is not just that Wei-Hwa and I will be writing all the puzzles, and the interest we've gotten from other constructors suggests we might have about the right core of people to get this venture started. I definitely encourage anyone with a good puzzle idea to think about sharing it with us.

Sabres closing in on the President's Trophy and I must say I'm jazzed. 2 more points! Of course the Cup is the thing, but I like seeing us playing well going into our first round matchup. Not sure if I'd prefer Toronto or Montreal, but they seem the most likely first matchup with the Islanders having an outside chance as well if they win out.
THrpipuzzleguy on April 7th, 2007 06:18 pm (UTC)
I'm just happy the 'Canes missed the playoffs. Ha!

I've never constructed a logic puzzle in my life, but I'm interested to see how your project turns out.