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WSC 2 press clippings - article -
Highlights: "Fast-talking, self-confident preppie";
Suggested corrections: the walking and crawling quote is a little wrong, but not as bad here as elsewhere (see below); the history of the puzzle is a little off, Euler did make puzzles out of Latin squares but never included a box constraint so he's not exactly the author.

AFP article on Yahoo -
Suggested corrections: as I learned last year, every time I say "US Puzzle Championship" and also talk about World Puzzle Championships, the press creates a new event, the US World Puzzle Championship. I corrected it in the article written about me last year, but to correct this one: I am not (yet) a WPC champion, I am a USPC champion. The timeline quote went more like "I started doing mathematical and logic puzzles when I was four or five at the time between crawling and walking and when one starts going to school." The last half was a little incoherent, maybe I spoke too fast, and I did give an unfortunate place to cut it. So apparently I was a very slow crawler and/or a very late walker.

London Times Article
Highlights: it fairly marks off the one minute of time I did checking the final puzzle. The first of the two playoff puzzles (not the one pictured) actually determined the championship as I finished it clean in ~8:10 and Yuhei Kusui did not. I took my time on this puzzle, knowing I just needed to finish it or be at most 26 cells from a solution.
Suggested corrections: I perform chemistry by putting substrates on DNA, not "sub straights." He did ask for a lot of scientific details, but I guess I could have at least checked a fairly basic spelling. Relating to how I'm solving fast, in our conversation Michael Harvey described what he saw better than the quote ended up. I would have written "His eyes seemed to already be searching for the next number to write even before his pen had finished writing the digit."

(Non-Press) Blog Reports:
Report from Thepiemansimon (UK team)
Highlights: just about the whole thing - this is a lovely report. The description of the even puzzle in the playoffs is quite amazingly accurate (at least in how my gear was a little down in the other rounds where I was safe provided I did not error). My mistake on the second question would have been caught a lot faster had I started with the fast check technique with all the hand motion and not summed all the long diagonals in the little killer instead.

I'll continue to update this as I find more articles/videos (I am really hoping for the videos of the WSC playoffs so I can give an "anatomy of a solution" kind of walkthrough of me solving the hardest puzzles).
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