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01 March 2013 @ 09:27 am
Puzzle and Life Update  
This week (yes, week!) is the LMI Marathon Puzzle Test. 12 different authors have put forward bigger than usual challenges meant to be solved one at a time. I've contributed a Star Battle puzzle there, which I hope you enjoy.

Grandmaster Puzzles, my new puzzle publishing site, passed 50 puzzle prescriptions this week. If you haven't started to go there for my puzzles, what are you waiting for? Please update your links too.

I'm 74% settled in the Seattle area now, with all furniture in place and boxes slowly getting unpacked. It has been a lot of work, particularly in the middle of everything else I'm doing. Some of you may be wondering why I'd launch a large puzzle project just before moving instead of after. Well, that gets to the last bit of news.

I'm finally in TIME Magazine. Sure, I made the website before with a Philly Sudoku video story in the year of Eugune, but print for TIME is what most people will call "real". The US Team's experiences at the most recent WPC in Croatia were written up by Lev Grossman for TIME, and we've been waiting for the article for months. It looked likely at the end of December or early January (except for the Person of the Year issue) so I got my new project online as soon as I could at the high quality I wanted it to be at launch. But magazines take time, and I ended up getting 52 puzzles out before the article finally appeared. Of course I had other deadlines besides TIME, but I want to grow an audience of puzzle solvers and there are only so many ways to get free publicity these days.
(Anonymous) on June 7th, 2014 08:44 am (UTC)
My friend and I created what we believe to be the World’s hardest Sudoku which many claim but ours is a 2 x 2 Sudoku. We are just about ready to release it. Do you have any suggestions?
motrismotris on June 7th, 2014 02:22 pm (UTC)
I personally have never had any interest in such puzzles, as my philosophy is a puzzle is meant to be fun to solve and not something that is known to have no logical steps except for deep heuristic search or guessing (basically, what a computer is meant to explore). I'm also not interested in other stunt puzzles like the world's largest sudoku.

To get buzz for your construction, whatever it is, you don't need to get my attention. You need to excite someone in the press with some reach to write a story. There is no official title of "world's hardest sudoku", just different eccentrics claiming it in different ways.