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Rich Weekend of Puzzles

The recent growth of more online puzzle competitions (particularly with flexible starting times) has been a really good trend for the solving community. Except sometimes you now see too many competitions over a given weekend. This weekend might be such an embarassment of riches.

LMI is hosting Serkan Yurekli's Tapa Variations Contest V, the first of four biweekly contests through February and March to determine the best Tapa solver. Last year I was away and missed the first one, and then slept through the rest since I didn't figure I could catch up with a 0 score. This year, the scoring is much fairer if you miss a test, while still rewarding consistent performance. And the start time is now completely flexible, thanks to the LMI hosting, so scheduling in the test is much easier. Tapa is one of my favorite puzzles, and Serkan's creativity is always a joy to behold, so check out this competition as I'm sure I will.

This weekend is also the fifth SudokuCup test, this time organized by a team of Slovakians (I wrote the third competition held last January). I have a hard time writing about this year's test, as thinking of Sudoku and Slovakia in the same sentence generally starts a kind of reflexive anger after past events and I don't think we share the same creative vision when it comes to executing sudoku variations (I have a list of 5 or 6 nitpicks in the instruction book that start at the 45 given classic example and go on but I'll keep you from my ranting). But for those who prefer sudoku to other puzzles, or those with the time to do both, maybe you'll decide to play in the SudokuCup this weekend too.

If not, next week brings another Sudoku test on LMI, followed the next weekend by another Tapa test on LMI, and so on. It's truly not just a once a year (USPC) kind of calendar anymore.
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