motris (motris) wrote,

Friday Puzzle #61 - Double Murder Nos. ?, ?

(This is the fourth week in my series of puzzles inspired by past USPCs in advance of this year's August 21st test.)

Apologies to my more innumerate followers for another arithmetic puzzle, but this extension of two Sidney Kravitz puzzles from the USPC in 2007 and 2008 was screaming out to be done. Fortunately, this murder mystery shouldn't be too hard to solve and I'd rate it ~10 points on a USPC.

Rules: Enter exactly 7 digits from 1 - 9, one per cell, into each cell of each grid so that no digit repeats in any row or column and so that the two grids contain identical placements; the other 2 digits from 1-9 will not appear. The values in the upper-left of the rectangular cages indicate the sum of the digits contained within.

Tags: fridaypuzzle, uspc
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