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28 June 2010 @ 08:37 pm
6/28 - Thomas Snyder does the Nikoli.com Puzzles  
Nurikabe - 24x14 Hard by SAKAMOTO, Nobuyuki - 2:11
Slitherlink - 18x10 Easy by aquablue - 1:18
Kakuro - 21x13 Hard by Casty - 6:02
Numberlink - 10x10 by Guten - 0:34

Not too much to say today.

The Nurikabe wasn't too hard but used a lot of connection-based logic where the fact there are no large islands means you often are connecting a forced island cell to the only possible number almost immediately.

The Kakuro tripped me up when I wrote a 98 for a 97 in the upper-right but otherwise really only had a tough middle section and easy outer corners.

The Numberlink was clued so that the 1s and 2s and 3s might convince you of rather direct connections (although using every cell would never be accomplished if the 2s went straight to each other) but really you had to figure out how to make the connections at the bottom and, as MellowMelon pointed out, just the 3/4/5 are critical to think about and you can prove how those must connect rather directly. The density of digits makes the "logic" approach work here, so perhaps there is something in this to extend to the construction space to learn how to write these.