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Friday Puzzle #48 - Italian Sudoku Championship Puzzles

I wrote awhile ago that I supplied puzzles for the ISC; I actually supplied puzzles this year for the Hungarians, Czechs, and Italians, and with SudokuCup 3 as well was involved in at least 5 countries' team selections. Riccardo actually invited three puzzle designers - Cihan Altay, Tetsuya Nishio, and myself - to each write a 45 minute round. It was an honor to be on such a list, and I proposed these 5 variations. Eventually the Arrow, my favorite of the bunch, was moved to the semifinals, but they make a good set of medium level puzzles.

Classic Sudoku - Place the digits 1 through 9 into the empty cells in the grid (a single digit per cell) so that each digit appears exactly once in each of the following regions: the nine rows, the nine columns, and the nine outlined 3×3 regions.

Consecutive - Note the "LUCCA" theme, which is where the championship was held. Follow Sudoku Rules. If a bar is given between two (orthogonally) adjacent cells, then the two numbers put in those cells must be consecutive (differing by one, such as 3 and 4). If a bar is not given, the two digits cannot be consecutive.

Isodoku (3D Sudoku) - Follow Sudoku Rules. The digits 1-8 appear once in each of the 6 irregular regions and 12 "rows". A "row" follows the opposite, parallel sides of each quadrilateral.

Sudo-Kurve - Follow Sudoku Rules. The digits 1-9 appear once in each of the five 3×3 boxes and all bent “rows” (indicated by light curved lines). All “rows” contain exactly 9 cells.

Arrow - Follow Sudoku Rules. In addition, the digits in each circled cell must equal the sum of all the digits along the arrow's path; digits can repeat within an arrow.

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