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29 April 2010 @ 08:35 pm
Friday Puzzle #47 - Dragon Sudoku  
I wrote this example puzzle for the WSC; the variant was introduced to me by Gabriele Simionato on the Italian Team. I'm not sure if he created it but all the puzzles I've seen to this point were by him. Dragon Sudoku is an extra regions variant where all the 9's (which can be replaced with some other more dragon-like symbol as desired) get to "see" numbers in many directions except where there are walls. It adds a lot more dimension to the puzzle than simple extra regions do and we decided to use it as part of our Discus Round (alongside Diagonal, Windoku, Musketry, and other extra constraint puzzles).

Some discussion came up about whether all dragons/nines should be given, and I think it would be fun to explore puzzles with either missing walls, missing nines, or both, but for the WSC we've stayed closer to the vest since the puzzle is less familiar.

Follow Sudoku Rules, with the following changes: each 9 “sees” exactly 8 other distinct numbers. They see in all four directions until they hit a wall.